Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have You Been To Sonic Today?

One never knows what will happen when visiting Sonic. It seems most of the time we visit Sonic we come out with a story to tell. Is it Sonic or us? I am guessing it is more likely us and not the employees of Sonic even though they occasionally give us a good laugh or two.

This particular day was quite interesting for Colton, Carley and I. I like to surprise my children every now and then with a treat like getting an ice cream at Sonic for no apparent reason. This time I did have a reason, the ice cream cones were fifty cents a cone. What a bargain for cheap people like me. I usually go through the drive-thru at any fast food place, but this time I was getting ice cream so I nixed the idea of driving and eating an ice cream cone at the same time. I don't eat ice cream that often and I wanted to enjoy every tongue licking moment there was to enjoy. I chose to park under the large awnings they have for those who choose to park and order.

Every family has to have one person in the family that has to be difficult at some time or another when ordering food. We all share in this activity. I have one that won't eat nothing but plain hamburgers, and another one that has never really liked ice cream in a cone. We won't even list the difficulties of the parents. Here we are ready to order ice cream. I tell the nice young girl I would like two ice cream cones and one plain ice cream cone with no cone but place the ice cream in a cup. I am not sure how that got translated from the speaker I spoke into to her head piece but this is what we got. Two ice cream cones with ice cream and an ice cream cone with ice cream in a cup.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that Sonic to listen to how they came up with this brilliant idea of putting the ice cream cone in the cup. I hope the girl who brought us our ice cream didn't hear out hysterical laughs as she walked away. This is one of the many stories we have at Sonic. Do you have any to share? It doesn't have to be a Sonic story it can be any restaurant story including your own home.

Until next time.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is There a Difference Between Sea Salt and Table Salt and Other Easter Weekend Activities

After this past weekend, I am absolutely, without a doubt, positively for sure, know that I come from a long heritage of bizarre behavior from my family. What other family do you know that sits around the dinner table and does a taste test of sea salt versus table salt? Here we are doing just that, taste testing the differences in the two salts.

My mom is discussing if there really could be a difference between the two.

The conclusion, there isn't a difference in taste.

I am not sure what sparked the desire to have this little experiment, but we did. These little sudden outburst of strange behavior describes who we are. We love to laugh and live life a little on the edge....like having spur of the moment salt tasting test. Are we pitiful or what? I like to think we are the what, just a family having fun together. Isn't that is what life is about, being together?

On to other events this weekend and long gone the sappy stories that I can tell.

We were to be entertained this past Friday by dear friends, the Cumberlands. We have been friends with them for years and enjoy each others company dearly. We don't have to worry about offending the other and can be just who we are. I love friends like that. I have several of them and those are the ones I just LOVE being around. Earlier in the week Gary called and asked if we could change the date to Saturday which worked out well. I was not only able to hang with the adults, but also their grand babies, Colten and Wes. Here are some more pictures of our weekend.

Beth always makes beautiful salads. We had lamb (first time for me), roasted asparagus, sweet potato, bread, and to die for strawberry pie. This could explain the two pound gain at Weight Watchers this week.

This is Colten. Sara loved the name Colton, but didn't quite want to name her son after my son, so she changed the spelling a little bit. The boy is a blast to be around. He is three and could explain why I love being around him.

If you are wondering what these creatures could be, they are called Z-bots. I have no clue how they got their name. They were very hot item before 1995. Colten and I played with them as if they were the most current hottest toy today. His Z-bot always beat my Z-bot.

This is Carley with Wes. Wes is very laid back like his older brother. Wes can entertain himself for long periods of time. Everyone loves babies like Wes.

Not sure why Wes isn't the E-trade baby, but I think he is just as cute as the one they have doing the E-trade commercial.

How was your Easter weekend? Did you or your family do any thing crazy? Until I can tell another story on the Cash clan, laugh a lot and enjoy life. You only have one to live.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What I Won't Do for My Sparkies

This past Thursday night was Crazy Hair and/or Crazy Hat night at our Awana club. I am the Sparks director that is characterized by forgetting about the special theme nights until about 2 hours before we have to leave. I didn't have the creativity or time to make a crazy hat, but hair, I can do some crazy hair with some help from a crazy daughter. Here is hers and my master piece. The last picture was taken unbeknown to me by a friend who is quite sneaky with her cell phone. Notice that David wore a crazy hat.

This is David and me looking over some records. Don't we make a pair?

This week is spring break for Carley and me. I plan do some catching up with the up keep of house and yard work. My Weight Wathcher's leader has asked me to meet her at Publix to meet with the assistant manger to do a walk through the store to tag WW friendly food. I will be happy to help her with that project. Then there is the endless of laundy that needs to be done. I think every woman needs a laundry fairy. Forget the fairy godmother, I need the laundry fairy. Laundy is on my to do list too. Maybe I can post again before my mini vacation is over.