Friday, June 26, 2009

The Right of Passage

I wrote this as I was riding down the road this past Thursday.

I am currently sitting in the backseat of my van while my daughter is driving and my beloved husband is directing her in traffic patterns. We are on our way to a much needed vacation with time to get away from the ordinary to embrace something new and see good friends who we have not seen in a year. I love visiting friends that in someway has become family to me. What is bothering me now is the fact I have left one child behind to hold the fort down. This is the right of passage. Who is it for? Is it for me who can leave a child behind knowing that he will take care of everything or him who gets to experience somewhat independent living? I say somewhat because I did take him to the grocery store and bought him the food he wanted. He doesn’t have to pay the bills that are associated with living on your own. This is huge for me. I have a zillion questions running through my head. As my sweet husband asks me constantly who am I trusting in, me or the Lord? If I am trusting in myself, heaven help all of us. I will take this time to relinquish the controls back where they belong…in the arms of the One who knows all, see all, and has all authority over heaven in earth. The One who gave His life for all. Lord…he is yours, take care of him.