Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas from the Cash's Home to Yours!

Hello Friends and Family,

If you are reading this it is because curiosity got the best of you or someone dared you to read it.

Here I am days before Christmas dreading writing a sappy Christmas letter telling everyone about all the good things that happened through out the year and leaving out all the trials and errors that were made through out the year. I decided I would let people know where they could go to read the Christmas letter instead of having the letter and pictures fall out of their Christmas cards. I do hope many of you actually received your card before Christmas and I am sure many of you did not because I am not a Martha Stewart type person who always has her act together. In reality, I am far from her. Here is the happening of the Cash's journey through out 2009 in photo form.

I am going to begin with last year's big performance of The Christmas Carol with Colton playing Bob Crachit.

We really began our year off hosting High School girls in our home for D-Now.

February brought me turning the BIG 45! I often wonder what big surprises I will receive each year as I become a year older. I am not talking gift wise, I am talking health wise. The body is beginning to tell me my age. I have to remember I am not 21.

Notice the reading glasses!

I am not alone when having a birthday in February. (Cough, cough as I say this next sentence.) Colton turned 18 this year. We had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday.

( I am not sure what was being said here.)

Not sure why there isn't any candles on this cake, oh, I remember. It is made of ice cream.

This brings us to March. I don't think Awana had crazy hair night in March, but this is to let you know that we are still all very involved in our church's Awana club. Carley did my hair.

Through out the year, we, the Cash's get this crazy idea of having an After Glow in our home for the youth. What this means is having many, many youth in our home with lots of food and a mad game of Rock Band.

In May, we had a week of celebrating Colton graduating from High School.

We had grandparents and one of Colton very best friends come and help us celebrate this pivotal moment in time.

Angela and Colton at Fast Eddy's.

These two haven't changed a bit since they were 7 and 5.

The day of graduation we took a pontoon boat out. Bad mistake. I now understand what light choppy water means.

We always take visitors to Pensacola to Lamberts where the food is fantastic and endless.

With graduation, comes lots of gifts.

Also in May, Carley graduated from the Chosen Girls Bible study. Carley is here with her friend Courtney.

In June, David, Carley and I headed to the Maryland/Virgina area for nearly three weeks. The ultimate goal was to get Carley and David to Awana Camp in Pennsylvania. We stopped in North Carolina to visit family and I stayed in Maryland to visit with my friends in the area. Colton was not able to go with us due to his taking more college classes while the classes were still free.
We spent the 4th of July with this cutie pie eying Carley's ice cream.

We stopped in Virgina to visit the Neiman Family. We had to relive our Japanese days with fried cheese rolls, Inarizushi-no-moto rolls, and Yakisoba.

Carley, Angela, and I making cheese rolls
Making rice pockets.
Eating the fruits of our labor.

These pictures were taken while in North Carolina.

Late in the summer, David had the opportunity to go to Atlanta to take a job related class. Carley and I tagged along when went sightseeing. We spent the day at the Atlanta Aquarium.

Before it became to cold, we had a family picture taken at the beach.

Picture taken by Howard Chunn @ )

As summer comes to an end, that means school begins. If you happen to have a weak stomach, scroll through these next few pictures. Carley is dissecting a perch.

When one works at the Rave Motion Pictures and it is Halloween night, I suppose it is absolutely necessary to dress up as some kind of scary creature.

Early November our church had a block party at a local park. The youth praise band, known as GNS , had the opportunity to jam.
David and I are not sure where our children got the musical talent. We both know how to push play on I-Pods and CD players. That is the extent of our music talent.

Every December we have a girls trip to Atlanta to work with Operation Christmas Child. This trip include my mom, sister, Carley and me. We usually try to see at least on attraction while in Atlanta. This year we went to the Coke Museum.

December really isn't complete in our home unless we celebrate another birthday. (Another cough here along with a deep breath.) Our baby girl turned 16 this year.

Here we are celebrating her birthday with youth at the youth Christmas party.
Notice the huge smile on her face. This is what she gets to drive to the Whirl Cup Coffee shop where she works, to praise band practice, youth group activities, babysitting jobs, and any other places she needs to go.

Our family hopes you enjoyed a tour of this past year with us. Life is never dull in the Cash home. You will normally find laughter and joy here. There is only reason that we have so much joy. Even though life can get really hard, we always have Jesus and he is the One who makes our joy complete. (John 15:11) If you don't know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your eternal soul, I challenge you to seek the greatest gift known to man. God said in Jeremiah 29:13, "If you seek me, you will find me."

If you would like to come back again to visit, I would suggest to visit at the end of each month. I am not the best blogger in the world. Please feel free to leave comments.

Once again, Have a very Merry Christmas!