Thursday, December 30, 2010

Days Before the New Year

Am I the only person who would schedule contract work between Christmas and the New Year? Please tell me there are others out there that are just as crazy as I am. Since moving into our home a little over 4 years ago, we have been experiencing some ceiling problems. No, the ceiling isn't about to come down; however, the drywall tape was beginning to show in several places. Mac, our builder, was not pleased with the aesthetic of his work so he wanted it fixed at his expense. Have I mentioned I love our builder. Here is the work they began to day and will finish tomorrow.

I thought I would share a few pictures taken Christmas Day. I am hoping to get some pictures from my sister that were taken Christmas Eve. You will understand why if she come through with the pictures.
Our sweet little Christmas elf.

Colton is theatrical even when it comes to opening gifts.

Carley received lots of music this year.
Gideon has his own ideas of Christmas morning.

David decided to give Colton and Carley windshield whippers for Christmas.

David had a minion Christmas.
My BFF sent our family this basket filled for what is needed for a great family night. David and I didn't wait long until we plunged into the pistachios.
All my children plus my mom are ready to eat.
David and I decided we would get something for GNS members and their cars. One GNS member is a bike rider, so he couldn't get what we were buying.
We think they like them.
My sweet mom is always fun to watch at Christmas. She doesn't like for her picture to be taken.
Not sure what was so funny, but there are very few dull moments around if Vincent is here.

I think we can say we have all just experienced a miracle. I have blogged twice before 2010 ended. Could this be a sign that I can blog more than once a year. Let's hope so. I think it is safe to say I won't be back on here until Jan. 2011. We have the NC/Tenn game to watch this evening. Tomorrow brings a busy day of contractors, the gym, shopping and having lunch with my sister. Saturday we are spending New Years Eve watching FSU spank South Carolina. I pray I don't have to eat my words. I have very little against South Carolina, I just really don't like Steve Crybaby Spurrier. Hope all of you have a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas 2010

Hello my dear family and friends,

It has been a year since I posted my last blog. I am sure there is some kind of prize for those of us who are "wanna be bloggers" (if this isn't a word, it should be) but are blessed to blog once a year. I could do more, but I think all of you would be bored to death. I need to realize that if you didn't want to read the blog, you would move on.

Here it is December 18th and I don't have all my shopping done. I haven't mailed out the first package or Christmas card, nor is all the baking done, and I am hoping not to be spending Christmas Eve wrapping Christmas gifts. I am determined to have my Christmas Blog written today. (epic failure!)

Here are some of the many highlights of the year of 2010. If you get bored to death, please feel free to move on, I will never know.

As most of you know, the Cash family is a rather close family. If any of us are heavily involved in something, we are all involved. June of last year, Colton, Carley and a few others from church began a Christian band, Goodnight Saturday.

GNS has had many opportunities to rock for Jesus this past year.

Their first gig of 2010 was at our church leading the music for D-Now.

The 2nd gig of the year was done for 1st Priority at Washington High School.
Colton on base.

This is Vincent, the lead singer, and very talented musician. He is also part of the Cash family.

Carley is lead guitar.

Colton is the base player for Goodnight Saturday.

Carley and her friend Madison attended the home school prom.

Colton and I took a break from all the life we live in Florida and headed north to a few of our friends graduations. Carley stayed back to take care of her daddy and to attend Pensacola State College to get her Spanish classes done over the summer.

We visited our friends in Maryland and had the joy of watching Colton's friend of 15 years graduate from high school. Days later we drove to Virgina to see Angela graduate.

Upon returning from our little road trip, it was back to helping the band for their next gig that was a few miles down the road.

Life can be very interesting when living with preforming musicians. Sometimes they can get attitudes.

We do other things besides live for GNS. We served in VBS. For those who have known me for sometime know I absolutely love telling Bible stories especially to children. Here I am all decked out in my Biblical costume with my I-phone.

Before school began, we took a quick road trip up to North Carolina to see David's family. We always have a blast with some very sweet people. We had never been to the amusement park, Carowinds, so we took advantage of the opportunity that was given to us. I did get to have my picture taken with a childhood idol of mine.

Once fall arrives and summer fades away, school begins and so does a ministry that our entire family serves in. David is still the Commander of our Awana club, I serve as the Sparks director, Colton was recruited by me to be a Sparks leader, and Carley moved to be the T&T secretary. Our philosophy is a family that serves together, stays together.

It has been a few years since Colton had audition for a part in our local theater here in Pensacola. His favorite director, Dr. Lott, was directing Alice in Wonderland ;therefore, Colton had no choice but to audition. Here is Colton is all his glory as the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland.

Like all seasons, life changes. We have the absolute privilege of investing in this little girl's life, McKenzie Grace Mott. For those who read any postings on Facebook knows that every other Tuesday is McKenzie Day. She spoils us all rotten. She has grown and changed so much this past year. Just one fun fact, her mom is a died hard Gator fan. I know I am blessed she allows me to play with her daughter since I am all about Florida State.

Thanksgiving arrived in no time and GNS was asked to perform at the Water Front Mission. While WFM fed many people, GNS led the people in worship. We were blessed with David's dad and Connie coming for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Feast

Carley, along with my mom, sister and myself, took our yearly trek to Atlanta, Georgia, to work with Operation Christmas Child at the processing center.

We live a full life enjoying family and friends and serving others. Our heart's desire is if you don't already have the most precious gift ever, you will find Him lying in manger just as the shepherds did over 2000 years ago.
We will be ending our year saying Merry Christmas to all our family and friends and hope you are blessed with an exceptionally good year.

Merry Christmas!