Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adventures of 2011 in 60 Pictures or Less

Welcome to my recap of 2011 in pictures. This is a very small sample of all the pictures I took through out the year. Hope you enjoy!

Every year our church has Disciple Now in January. My first year to host guys and glad to say I will have them back again this coming year.

David, Carley and I went to Atlanta for David to take a test for his job. He passed!

Early February brought me my 47th birthday. David and Carley making dinner for me.

We took a four day trip to Universal and......
Harry Potter

Carley with the train

David with his favorite minion

Terrie with her favorite childhood character


Carley may never pretended to be a princess, but she is our princess

Colton riding on a landspeeder

My favorite two pirates

Carley with the Epcot Ball

Colton as Tweedledum in the Alice and the Looking Glass

Colton as the train conductor


More rehearsal

Carley double Dee (Dee's double for the final scene)

Carley tech for the show

Colton with his two close friends, Josh and Vincent

Humpty Dumpty Cake

Carley para sailing with her dad

Colton with grandpa on a rented jet ski

Terrie C taking Terrie L out on a jet ski

Colton the bass player

Josh, Colton, and Vincent at David's 45th birthday

Timothy Mackall, Colton, Carley, and Rachel Mackall

Carley always a kid at heart

David helping baptizing the day of baptism in the bay

Life is always interesting with these two

David pouring into some young men's lives

Our friend's cabin in North Carolina

The backyard

Love the view

Biltmore Garden

25 years of marriage

Colton with R2D2

GNS playing at Chic-Fil-A

Me changing my hairstyle


T&T Director

T&T Leader

Carley with her favorite Puggle, McKenzie

A Few Pictures of my trip to South Asia

Karen with one of the many children

I wanted to take her home with me

I love hanging out with children

Children were fascinated with the I-phone

Crazy Rickshaw driver

It seems I was always looking for something

How many ladies can we get in the middle row of a jeep?

Does this picture remind you of Biblical times?

One of the many cows we saw

I had to check out at least one salon while I was there. I'm having a 30 minute oil rub head massage. I think this may be in heaven.


Children who live in the slums

Karen and I adjusting to the culture eating with our right hand.

This sweet lady lives in the slum and only uses candles for light

Align Center
So sweet!

I was ready for Aladdin to come swooping down on his magic carpet

This culture knows how to worship the LORD

I have to include a few pictures of my favorite 2 yrd old, McKenzie. She brings so much laughter to us every other Tuesday. She is one cool kid.

I hope you enjoyed the recap of this year. Maybe one day I will be a real blogger, but until then, we will get together when we can.