Monday, September 3, 2012

August was a roller coaster ride

Well it was going to happen and it has happened,  my baby girl has left for college.  Actually she left  weeks ago, but was blessed that she came home her first weekend.  Many of you may wonder why such an independent girl who is determine to be as independent as she can be would come home so soon.  It's amazing what a concert will do to intise a young person to return home.  God was so good to send us a tropical storm that caused USA (University of South Alabama) to shut down for a few days.  As soon as I kissed my girl good-bye, it was less than 24 hours before she drove back up to the her home and family who loves her with everything they have.

Her first few hours at USA were quite the roller coaster ride for her and this momma. Moving Carley in and saying good-bye was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  Who knew moving one girl into a dorm room would be so exhausting.  I was ready to call it a day at lunch, but instead Carley, her daddy, and I chose to go to Fire House Sub to eat lunch.  We could have chosen to eat anywhere, but the Lord directed our path straight to Fire House Sub.  He is so good to us.  As we were leaving, Carley decided to ask if FHS was hiring and the manager said he wasn't sure but asked her to fill out a application and interviewed her right there on the spot.  I guess she answered all his questions in such a manner he liked because he talked to the other manager and she was hired on Monday to begin her new job.

Before Carley knew she had the job, God had her travel a road she probably would have chosen not to walk on and me too, but we don't always get to choose what we want to do.  It's amazing how God provides everything we need on the journey He has placed us on.  Even before Carley moved into her dorm, Jonathan, her youth pastor had introduce Carley to a very sweet girl, Amy, via Face Book. Carley went to Amy's church on Sunday morning, met Amy's family, and then Amy and Carley went to lunch.  From what I am told, the two of them have a lot in common down to liking the same foods.  After lunch, as the two girls were pulling out into traffic, they were hit by an SUV.  The accident caused only minor bruising and with the air bags deploying, there was some minor burns.  Amy's family was there within minutes to help both girls through their time if distress.  I will be forever grateful to a family I have not even met yet.

This brings me to Hurricane Isaac.  I may be the only person on planet earth thankful for Isaac.  See, Isaac caused USA, Pensacola Little Theater (Colton's employment), and the military school house where David works to shut down for Tuesday and Wednesday.  Many would think it is because I can sit and enjoy my family as long as I can due to the fact my peeps are growing up.  When the chicks grow up, they flap their wings and fly off.  We did enjoy our Tuesday together and had no way to prepare what Wednesday would bring our way.

We own two very sweet Corgi's by the name Levi and Gideon.  Levi has been battling something, but I could never get a vet to tell me what he was battling.  I took him three different vets and all three told me Levi has a parasite in is digestive tract.  Somewhere deep down I knew it wasn't a parasite, I knew he had cancer.  I did my own research and everything I read pointed to cancer, but I could get a vet to agree to test Levi for cancer.

Wednesday morning we are woken up by Carley banging on our outside bedroom door letting us know she needs help.  She gets up early to begin to catch up on homework to discover blood all over our house.  Carley lets the dogs out and notices Levi's backside is all red with blood.  Immediately David gets up to see what Carley needs and discovers his dog is bleeding very abnormally.  Carley begins to try to clean the tile floors and David calls the vets.  All our vets are closed due to the storm, but one vet that we have never been to is open and they agree to see Levi.  David scoops up the dog and Carley travels with her dad to find out this day will be the most miserable day in August for all of us.  The vet told them that Levi has a large mass and it had burst.  Levi would be gone within a few days and his quality of life would deteriorate very quickly.  We were left with no choice but to tell Levi good bye and remind him what an excellent dog he was to all of us.  The Lord blessed us to all be together in that little tiny examining room with our precious Levi.  All of us shed more tears that day than we had in years past.  We miss Levi and I know there will be animals in heaven.  I for one am hoping there will be a little Corgi by the name of Levi waiting for me.