Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Journey with Hezekiah's Double ACL Surgeries

Let me begin by saying I can't wait until 2013 comes to an end.  This year has been a very challenging year for me and my family.  I would go into detail but I fail to recall the detail because I know Satan was the one behind it all.  Let me say, deception comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  The Cash family was caught off guard this past year.

At the end of 2012, Carley and I took a trip to mid Georgia to pick up this cute Corgi puppy, Hezekiah.

He has grown into this dog that can express himself very clearly.

On December 12, 2013, Hezekiah blew out his right ACL.  We had plans to leave December 26th to head to NC for a much needed get away.  Some family members were going to go to an UNC basketball game while others were planning to do some after Christmas shopping.  We took Hezekiah to the vet the they confined it was an ACL but we should still go on our vacation and Hezekiah would be fine.  We made plans to have some friends stay with the dogs and cat and off we would go.  Christmas Eve day, Hezekiah blew the other ACL.  Tough decisions had to be made.  Do we all stay or does someone stay home?  I made the decision I would stay home while the rest of the family heads to NC the day after Christmas.  David and Colton together at the Dean Dome for the first time ever.  How could they possibly give that up?  There was no way I would let this moment in time escape because of a dog.  

Yesterday, December the 27th Hezekiah had the 1st surgery and today I picked him up.  This is what Hezekiah has accomplish so far.

I have taken him out twice and nothing has happened.  He has eaten and taken drugs for me along with the great snacks I use to get him to take the medication he needs.  This may be his common pose for the next 5 days.  My goal is to journal my journey so if someone else every has to walk this road, they will be able to be prepared of what is to come.  I have done loads of research and talked to a good friend who has already walked this road.  

Until the next entry....peace out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Cash Clan

Holiday Greetings From the Sunshine State

What an eventful year it has been for all us. We have had many life changing events this year.  Many of these events have been posted on Face Book so for some this is a review.  The Cash clan is happy to say we had many more ups than downs this year and acknowledges the Lord has been very good to us through each of our experiences. Instead of writing out all the details of the year, I much rather share the year in pictures. Feel free to ignore, scan, or look intently at each picture and read the captions.   

The beginning!
David helping

Most of the family is still involved in Awana.  In January we had a snowman night.  Many of the leaders were blessed by being wrapped in toilet paper.  Maybe we should have called it Mummy night.
Carley gladly participating!

We spent most of the first part of the year planning for a heap of graduations.

Just a few of Carley's senior pictures.

Carley and Colton both participated in the Pensacola State Spring graduation on May 4.

After Carley graduated from Pensacola State, she graduated from high school in June .  

What dual graduate does not deserve the graduation party?

Right after all the hoopla of graduations, most of the family decided it was a time to travel.

Terrie goes off to Tennessee with the youth from church.

A week after camp, Terrie and Carley head to NC to see grandparents and go to the Biltmore House.  
Upon their return, David, Terrie, and Carley head up to up state New York with 22 others from their church on a mission trip to have their lives changed forever.

Yes, they actually did let David play with real power tools.

Carley learned how to maneuver studs.

Then there were times Carley just needed a Star Bucks coffee.

We discovered mission trips can grey the hair prematurely.

Either they are resting or just admiring how God uses every day people to accomplish His work.

Terrie was head of the kitchen staff.

We had the opportunity to go into the city for a few hours.

Upon are return, the family began to prepare to send Carley off to college in Mobile.  She is studying accounting and doing extremely well.  Her first day there she won a Kindle Fire.  God has away  of sending us little nuggets to remind us we are exactly were we are suppose to be in life. 

Carley and her daddy.  She may never be to big for this.

This is typical.

So is this.  My three sons, Colton, Vincent, and Josh.

We had to say good-bye to a very dear friend to the entire family.  Levi died of cancer in September. He will always remain as our wonder dog.  

September the 27th, David and I celebrated our 26th anniversary.  However, McKenzie's parents gave us the best gift ever.  Madisyn Page Mott was born on our special day.  Now we have two M&M's to play with.

She is a beautiful as her sister, McKenzie, and cousin Carley.


Colton and a few friends headed to Universal Studios for seven day in September.  This was his first vacation that he paid for with his own money.

David's job sent him to Maryland for a few weeks and Terrie went also to spend time with her BFF.  While they were there, they took in  some sightseeing and visited the Antietam Battlefield.

Terrie is still leading and or hosting ladies Bible studies in our home on Thursday evenings.  She always has a special helper.

Not sure if Gideon gets the Word or not.

Vincent is still going strong with his music. He was on tour for many days in October.  It was quite difficult keeping up with his busy schedule. 

Some of you may be wondering what about Colton.  He is one busy dude.  Colton stays very busy working two jobs, keeping up with volunteering at Pensacola Little Theater, music, and his friends.  There are days we never seen him.

When Colton is here, he lends a hand, especially if there is a M&M involved.  He loves those girls as much as we do.

Game night

Colton with his new uniform.  Rave Motion pictures was bought out by Carmike Theaters.

Colton has gone from acting to directing. Colton directed his first major production, The Christmas Story.  His next big project is.........

Colton will be directing the Hobbit at PLT in September.  Directing the Hobbit has always been a huge dream of his.

We do have a very new member of our family and he goes by the name Hezekiah.

He was born October 30 and we drove up to Georgia December 16 to get him.

The difference in size.

From our house to yours, may all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.  May you always seek God's direction and know who you are in Him.