Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend without David

David decided he needed to attend the Awana Bible Quiz in Sylacauga, Alabama. Colton works most weekends so that left Carley and I to entertain ourselves. The two of us are never short on the entertaining part. I really do think one could stick the two of us in a room together and we would keep each other laughing over nothing. We would begin to make jokes of the air we breath. Are we pitiful or what?

It had rained all day and the forecast called for rain most of the day Saturday. We got this brilliant idea to rent a movie and a game for the Wii. Carley drove Blockbuster so we could rent The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and pick up Blockparty for the Wii. I failed to say that Carley took Colton and I out to lunch to Ci-Ci's Pizza for lunch. I won't even talk about the 8 slices of veggie pizza I ate along with 3 cinnamon rolls. I pray this doesn't catch up with me.

Here are some pictures of us playing Wii.

The object of this game is to see who can throw the trash bag the farthest. Let me put it this way, Carley is a better trash thrower than I.

An up close picture of my character.

Here I am attempting to throw trash.

Carley and I stayed up way too late and it showed Saturday morning. Nothing like having a great rain storm coming through around 6am and thinking it is 3am. I slept in but not as late as Sleeping Beauty who slept in until 11am.

I have a surrogate grandchild, Rebekah. Rebekah is the Youth Pastor's daughter who I just adore playing with. I tell all my friends I am just practicing me a grandmother with Rebekah. Rebekah came over around 2:15 to play with Carley and me while her parents went to see a movie. We began our play date playing the famous game, Cooties.

This is the ending of the game.

Gideon was wondering how he was going to get to play.

Rebekah has her own unique way to roll the dice.

Rebekah had to show me how to exercise my legs in a special way.

After learning how I should exercise my legs I thought it would be best for us to head out for a walk. Picture Rebekah who is 3 yrs old., two dogs, Carley and me wondering off for a looong walk.

We had to pick a few flowers before we got too far down the road.

We were able to allow Rebekah to walk Levi for a short walk. He really doesn't care who takes him for a walk as long as he gets to go on a walk.

After a walk we came back to watch a little bit of "Strawberry Shortcake."

Carley helped Rebekah put a few Backpack girls together along with the enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast.

We ended our time with Rebekah eating ice cream sandwiches.

We had so much fun with Rebekah and we didn't want all our fun to end before the guys came home so we went headed over some friends house to play Wii with them. Ended up my friend needed me to go with her to Atmore, Al. to deliver some refrigerant gas to her husband. Carley stayed with her friend Courtney and Courtney's two brothers while I rode to Alabama.

We ended our evening totaling tired and was happy to get home to see David and Colton. Both guys had stories to tell but I was to tired to hear them all. Maybe, hopefully, I will post my story of my first born.

Unitl then.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Busy Day

Hello Blog Friends,

This is just a quick update on today's activities. I have a full day of homeschooling with Carley, run an errand this afternoon to drop of a prescription to a college student in town, practice my speech for Toast Masters, and attend Toast Masters this evening. Tomorrow I so much want to post a story about my first born, my drama king, Colton. He says there is always drama with mama, but I think he has me beat on that one. The post will include a picture with the story. Have a great day and laugh often.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Almost An Entire Month Since I Have Posted

I received an e-mail from my mom today asking if I have quit posting because I have signed on to Face Book. There could be some truth to that, but more than anything, life has become too busy for me. In the Cash home there comes a time beginning in February and ends about this time of the year we call Awana season. During this season I feel we fall of the face of the earth and land in the land of Awana. In February we host Bible Quiz at our church. If I was a clubber or a parent of a clubber I would have no idea what all takes place behind the scenes of Bible Quiz. Months and months of planning goes into making the event happen. A few weeks after Bible Quiz the Awana Games event happens. In reality, Bible Quiz takes more prep time but the least exhausting of the two events. This past weekend we hosted Awana Games here in our home town. Last night I was thinking I was going to take the day off just to recuperate from the weekend. I would go into all the details of what takes place but I am afraid I would bore you in about two sentences. Take my word for it.

Here are some pictures of Sparks Games. My Sparks took 2nd place and I am so proud of them.
Sorry for the blurriness. This was taken from a cell phone. Colton is on the far right dressed as Streamwood.

Sparky Safari Relay

Balloon Battle

Sparky Train

Award Ceremony

This is the first post of others to come. We are keeping ourselves busy concentrating on the senior in our home. We are working hard to get him through his senior year. Who knew that last year in high school was going to be the most difficult one. Until then I will leave you now.