Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Love My Hair Colorist

Does life ever slow down? Don't answer the question, I already know the answer and I don't like the answer. I received an e-mail from my in-laws who are in their mid 60's telling me all that they are doing. They haven't slowed down at all. I look at mom who can run circles around me and she never slows down. I am beginning to wonder if I am living life in slow motion and I am getting exhausted watching others live life in the fast lane.

The purpose of this post isn't for me to complain about how tired I am. The purpose is to esteem the most wonderful, handsome, fun loving man on the planet. There are no words to even describe the love David has for me. David expresses his love in so many ways, but I believe the one way he shows love the most is in this servant role he created for himself almost 15 years ago. God commands men to love their wife as Christ loves the church. Jesus said he didn't come to be served but to serve others. David takes God for His word. Here are some pictures of David being a servant.

Prepping the hair for the color.

Adding the final color to the rest of the hair.

Now you know how I have strawberry blonde hair. It comes from a box and a man who loves me so much. I hope I haven't bored you with a hair story. I hope to post some more news about the buzzing business of the Cash home soon. We are ALWAYS doing something. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

For Women Only, Men May Not Understand

My mom sent this to me a few days ago. If we are honest with each other, we will all agree, at one time or another we have said, "If only I could get away with this." Enjoy, and it is ok to laugh, I did.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My First Born is EIGHTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, someone please stop the clock of time for just an hour. I can't believe he is 18. I remember bringing Colton home from the hospital with the help of my mom and my friend Angie Haube. The Navy had called David out to sea before we could all come home together, but David was there for the birth of Colton. I looked at my mom and began to bawl. I had no idea what it meant to be a mom and felt very unqualified. I looked at my own mom and asked her, "What do I do? I have no idea what to do." What a feeling of complete helplessness. Guess what ? In spite of Colton's mom and dad, he has survived 18 years of imperfection parenting. If anything good comes out of this guy, it is all GOD.

Anyone wondering how we celebrated 18 years of Colton's life? I am glad you are wondering. Due to a busy day today, Colton's actual birthday, we celebrated his birthday yesterday before he went to work. Today we went to church, came home, inhaled lunch, then David, Colton, Carley, and Vincent, Colton's friend, went to a concert this evening.

Here we are doing what we all do best....eating.

We went to Lambert's, home of the throwed rolls, located in Foley, Alabama. Let me just say, the rolls are worth placing Weight Watchers on hold.

Lambert's doesn't believe in portion control either. Check out just how much food they insist on giving their patrons.

Did I mention Lamert's is southern cooking, down to the fried okra. Is there any other way to eat okra?

Here are some random pictures of Colton opening cards and his ONE gift. Colton decided he was ready to graduate from his Ulead video program to Adobe After Effects to further his video creativity. Adobe is a rather very expensive program. Colton received birthday money to help pay for Adobe.

My two strange guys.

Here we are stuffed and happy. We added a new member to our family, Brice. He is the guy in the blue with the red cap. He works for Lambert's and I guess he wanted his picture taken with us.

Here is the birthday cake with no writing, no candles,nothing but heavy laden calories. Colton wanted the famous Outta Sight Oreo Delight dessert. All I can say about this is ....SIN.

Maybe Colton will share, maybe not.

Today has been a great day for my first born. Where as for me, it has been a day of reflecting and praying for Colton. He is on the threshold of manhood and it will be a thrill to see how Colton chooses to live life. Let me say this. Life is NEVER boring when Colton is near by. Nothing will thrill his parents more than to be a man who is serving the Lord with all he has. May we be blessed to be thrilled.

We love you Colton!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ending the Birthday Week with a Girl's Weekend

I guessed it on the mark; my friend's gift came today. I can safely say I celebrated getting old all week long. Michelle sent me this beautiful watch that has watch bands that can be interchanged to match the clothes I wear from day to day.

Last night Carley, our friend Donna, and I went to dinner at Chili's and then to see Hotel for Dogs. The food is always good at Chili's. I ordered one of their new guiltless items, the grilled buffalo chicken sandwich. If you ever order the same sandwich, make sure you have plenty of water to drink. The movie was pretty good. I am not sure if I would have like it as much as I did if I had to pay to get into the movies. Colton working at a movie theater helps me enjoy movies much more than paying for them. I am not sure I would love or even like a movie that I had to pay $8.50. There was twist in the movie that made me choke up and shed a tear or two.

Today it was about Carley and me. The two of us went to see the movie New In Town, a total chic flick. There were a few men that endured the movie for their wife or girlfriends. What shocked me the most about the movie was the one word that was mentioned in the credits of all places. I don't understand why it was necessary to add the word at all, especially at the end.

From the movies, Carley and I decided to do some shopping at Publix's and Kohls. My dear sweet mother-in-law, Connie, introduced me to Snyder's Restaurant Style Tortilla chips while my family was visiting in North Carolina this past summer. I failed to ask my in-laws to bring me some of those chips when they came for Colton's performance, The Christmas Carol. After returning to North Carolina, Connie sent me an empty bag of chips so I could go around to the different grocery stores and beg for the grocer to order the tortilla chips. I have a hero, he is the grocer at Publix. He keeps those chips stalked for us Weight Watcher junkies. Carley and I went to Publix to get the tortilla chips, Alternative Bagels, and beef marrow bones for our dogs.

We were so close to Kohls that we had to go to see what was on sale and I had a 15% coupon off of my entire purchase. We love that store. I won't say how much I spent, but I did come out with some awesome deals! From Kohls I had a coupon for the Marble Slab. (Just call me the coupon queen). Carley got her normal chocolate with a Reeses Cup mixed in with the chocolate ice cream. I, trying to be good on Weight Watchers, got vanilla frozen yogurt with blueberries mixed into it. Later Carley and I shared our traditional subway sandwich. Now we are just relaxing and counting the hours until David comes home. It will be at least a few days before I blog again. Colton's birthday is a week from tomorrow and we have to get ready for his birthday.

Speaking of Colton, I want to share his latest creation with you. Enjoy...

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Birthday That Doesn't End

Ok, I never knew turning 45 could be so much fun. My entire family,including my sister, mom, Andy, David, Colton, and Carley began celebrating my birthday on Sunday which was two days before my birthday. We had lunch at Nadine's on Sunday. Tuesday brought just the Cash family out to my favorite Mexican restaurant which I have posted about. Yesterday, Thursday, the females of the family went out to lunch to my absolutely favorite girl lunch place, Norma's on the Bay. Just look at this lunch. Don't ask how many points it equals, it's my birthday!

My favorite girl in all the world. I know she is going to love me for this pciture of her eating.

My two favorite women in the world. The three of us could write a book on survival. If the Lord does lead Colton to the film industry, he must make a movie about us. The movie would bring hard belly laughs and tremendous floods of tears.

I can't wait to see what Saturday brings. One of my very closest friends did tell me she sent me something, maybe it will come Saturday. :>)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Must Have A CrazyFamily

Today was a very special day because it is my 45th (did I really type that LARGE number?) birthday today. I decided that this is really the true new year for me verses January 1st. So like so many middle age American's at the beginning of the year I to began my new beginning by going to the gym with Carley.

As Carley and I arrived home from the gym, we discovered that David had come home early to spend time with us since he is leaving for Chicago. After we did what all people do after returning from the gym, we ate lunch and did some schooling. Being the great guy David is, he suggested that we go out and do something which usually translates into shopping. He is leaving tomorrow and needed a book to read on the airplane. Carley had pre-bought David Ted Decker's book Kiss around Christmas from the Family Christian Bookstore. FCB had sent me a 50% off coupon any one item, sale or non-sale item for my birthday. What better place to go shopping than the Family Christian Bookstore. Off we went, all of us, David, Colton, Carley and myself. I have had my eye on the ESV Study Bible for several months. Low and behold, the Bible was on sale for $53.00. Can you guess what I bought?

I consider this gift from the Lord. The Bible is normally $75.00 and I got it for $26.

Here are some pictures of some other nice gifts from my family. Some you may have already read about.

You may recognize the pink notebook that I just love so much and use everyday.

I am not sure if you can tell this is a digital photo frame, but this is what it is.

Colton and Carley gave me this much needed gift certificate. My mom gave me a gift certificate from the Back Rub store. David being gone, I see pampering on the horizon.

After all the shopping, I couldn't wait to get home to break into my new Bible. After Carley and I ate one of these,
I began working on the Bible Study that I am currently working on with many other ladies that come to my home on Wednesday night.

As I was studying with my new Bible in hand, I came across a verse that just spoke volumes to me. I did what any other die hard Bible study person does, I highlighted and underlined. Here it is, the documentation of my first highlight in my new Bible that I hadn't had for more than two hours.

After doing some studying and David going over some Algebra, we went out to dinner to one of my favorite Mexican restaurant. Nothing like salsa and chips for one's birthday. Having a soon to be 18 yr old, good thing it was an all you can eat night. Just in case any of you are wondering, I stuck to my favorite, taco salad. This taco salad was not point friendly. After we ate, we decided to take pictures of ourselves. This activity naturally leads us into entertaining the staff and patrons of the restaurant. Too bad we couldn't collect an entertaining fee. Here are just a few of the pictures that were taken.

Not bad considering Carley just poke the camera out there and said smile.

Want to guess who took this one? It isn't the person who is missing.

The same person took this one and managed to get Colton in the picture.

At this point we were sure we needed a new photographer. Can you tell we were laughing very hard at ourselves.

Carley and I laughing and smiling at ourselves.

Not sure what happened to David. I think Carley is trying to send him a message about him leaving for Chicago.

I will leave you this picture. After our impromptu photo shoot, this is the one we ended with so I will end with it too. Over all, turning 45 has been great. I got to spend it with the craziest bunch of people in the world, the ones I love more than life itself. I hope everyone has people who love them as much as these three people love me. Thanks family, I love you soooooo much!

Blessings to all!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I am sitting here typing away and semi-watching the Super Bowl. To me, the only reason to watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials and those haven't been all that exciting this year. So far the only commercial that I have even thought was worth my time watching would be the Anheuser Bush beer commercial with the horses.

There is about 49 seconds left in the game and history will have been made. I hope to blogg again Tuesday to share what I did for my 45th birthday. Until then....