Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

****Update on the finished product. We have heard the project was a success!

It is the night before Thanksgiving here at the Cash home. The house is clean, the pre-Thanksgiving prep for tomorrows dinner has been done, and now it is a time of relaxing, so we thought. One of the Cash family member is in the local Christmas play, The Christmas Carol, playing the role of Bob Cratchit. From what we understand, it is theater tradition for each cast member to bring little trinkets to give to each other as a gester of encouragement. The mom here had a brilliant idea. I thought since Colton is playing the role of Bob Cratchit, let us (family project) make little gold coins and engrace a little something on each of them. Each of them went from 12 to 20, and now the number has increased to 25 coins to be painted and engraved. I have already purchased 20 bags of chocolate gold coins to add to our "little gift." Our inspiring actor has been too busy with school, work, and rehersals to help with the family project. Here are a few photos to see how this process goes. The first step is to paint all the wooden nickles.

The next step is to engrave.
This is a slow process when one has to do twenty-five coins.

The next step is for someone to color in what was "drilled" out.

Then we have the finished product of our great adventure.

If I remember I will show the absolute finished product of the bags that Colton will be handing out to all the cast members. We are looking forward to his great production. Hopefully I will be able to get a few pictures to post on the blog.

Until then...Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ode To Leviticus

Ode To Levi

Your wagging nub and humongous smile
Your sigh of weariness and disbelief
Your protective mind and speedy feet
Your giddy spirit and fearful soul
Is what makes you the crazy dog.

Where does the time go

Ok, let me try to see if I can form a sentence or two that will make sense here. I have just been released from taxi driving prison. I have been incarcerated since February 15, 1991 and was released this past Monday. I am not able to articulate what this freedom means to this mere woman. I had the opportunity to actually finish a load of laundry today without having to leave our home to go drive someone to school. work, or theater practice. If you are still wondering what I am talking about, my son, Colton, who is to be 18 in a few months finally took his drivers test and passed with flying colors.

Needless to say, my prayer life has picked up tremendous speed since Monday afternoon. I know we all have God on speed dial, but I just wonder if mom's of teenage drivers prayers are on a faster speed than say those who teenagers are not driving. Maybe, just maybe I will now have the time to write and post pictures. So much has happened this past year.

If anyone who reads this will give me a few days, I promise I will return.