Friday, January 23, 2009

Being Kind Does Bring Blessings

This has been on interesting day today. Colton leaves the house around 8:30 to attend class at PJC and calls at 9:20 to tell me that class has been canceled. He then asks if he can hang out with a friend of his for the rest of the day. Being who I am I suggested that Colton bring his friend Vincent over and they could just hang out at the house. It wasn't 30 mintues later when Colton and Vincent came through the door and began playing Rock Band. Carley and I continued to wade through all the school work we needed to get done. We went over predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives and other little grammar details. From there we reviewed the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and many other great details of the beginning of America History. Reviewing American History really stirs up the idea of wanting to give each Congressman a test of his or her own knowledge of American History. If our forefathers could see what our country is like today, they may have stayed in England or let the France and Spain have the USA. We are not the same nation at all. After History, Carley and I found ourselves knee deep in Algebra and consecutive integers. During all this schooling I was thinking Vincent would be staying with us all day and eating dinner with us. Colton and Vincent went to the movies and by the time Colton came back, Carley and I were almost done with school. My brain was dead by that time and I needed a nap. After napping for awhile, I woke up to find Kelly, the minister of music, at the house working with Colton on a project. Instead of Vincent eating dinner with us, Kelly ate with. I tell you all this to say I NEVER know what each day brings, and sometimes what I think will take place, never does.

The purpose of this e-mail is to share what happen to me a few weeks ago. Like most women who are married, we are the ones who are responsible for most of the washing of clothes. I spent a good part of my day washing clothes in this washing machine.

As I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, most of them were quite wrinkle like this.

I felt really bad that all the clothes that I had washed for David were not just wrinkled, but really wrinkled. Most of the clothes looked like a topical geographical map that a grade school child would do for a school project. Are you getting the picture? Lately David has been putting a lot of thought into what he wears since he has lost the weight he needed to lose. I will say this as bluntly as I can, David is looking good, real good! I love the way David looks when his shirts look all crisp and not like a topical geographical map. I did what I had to do.....IRON. Did I just hear some gasping sounds?

David and I went out to dinner and then to Office Depot to pick up a few things. While we were there David showed me a netbook and asked what I thought of it and wanted to know if I would want one. I naturally fell in love with it and of course I would want one. I think I wanted one, I am not sure what I need when it comes to electronics. David is so patient with me and explains most of the ins and outs of what this netbook can and can't do. After my crash lesson I knew this is what I needed. What does the man of my dreams and my knight in shinning armor do when he comes home? He begins to research the internet about netbooks and the best price he can get for a netbook as I begin to iron and iron. I ironed many dress shirts and pants. I must have been in some really weird mood but really didn't mind ironing. About the time I am done ironing, David asks me what color would I like my netbook in? I could have chosen white, black, blue, or pink. Let's see here, I have two males that live in the house and a girl who hates the color of pink with a passion. You want to guess what color I chose?

Here it is.......

Here I am sitting here with my little pink Acer typing away. Thank you for humoring me with reading all the details. I can't wait to see what this weekend will bring. I know what I want to do, but lets see if I get to do it. It has something to do with unpacking boxes of books. Hope you get to blessed by being kind and you get to do at least one thing you have planned for the day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What a weekend!

I am siting here at the computer reflecting over this pat weekend. In some ways the weekend is one huge blur, but in other areas I think I remember bits and pieces of the weekend. I just want to comment on the man of the year first. His name is David Cash and he spent his entire weekend with 8, yes I wrote e-i-g-h-t, females this weekend. The coolest part, he survived it. Does he not need to be praised for just a moment? What man would ever think to endure such an adventure?

You may be asking yourself right now, "Why were there so many females in the Cash home?" I am so glad you are asking. This weekend we had the joy and privilege of hosting five high school girls along with their counselor for Disciple Now (DN). The theme for DN was manhood and womanhood. Pretty deep stuff that I wished someone had taken the time to tell me a few things about guys. Maybe I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes I did in my younger years and earlier in my marriage.

Along with the group of girls we had, we also had a friend of ours stay with us this weekend until she left this morning to go to Pensacola Christain College.

The Lord moved in the hearts of these young high school girls this weekend. One girl, Jessica, came to the saving grace of salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing could thrill David and I more knowing that the Lord met her right here in our home and Jessica's eyes were opened to her need for Jesus.

I am leaving you with some pictures and a little commentary so you will understand what the pictures mean. Until I post again, which I hope is soon. I have a cool story to share. Another story of my earthly prince charming.

These are the young ladies of DN. Caitlin, the girls' counslor in the second one from the left.

This is Carley's room with four extra girls in the room. Two girls slept in the bed. Carley slept on a twin air mattress with the dark blue sheets next to the bed. One girl slept on a queen size air mattress that is loaded down with a blue sleeping bag. The last girl slept on a twin air mattress that is near the window. Can we say wall to wall air mattresses.

Here the girls are in their sessions learning about manhood and womanhood.

Peace out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not Me Strikes Again

We all have this extra person in our lives named Not Me. This individual lives on all continents and can speak all languages know to man. Most of the time Not Me gets a bad rap and is known for his bad and very destructive activity. Something unusual happened today.

On Wednesday evenings I host a ladies Bible study in my home. There are 16 ladies who attend so I have to do some rearranging of the furniture. I bring furniture from different areas in my home which includes two dinning room chairs. I was so tired from last night that I didn't place all the furniture back to where each piece belongs. This morning I began moving pieces back to where they belong but got interrupted shortly after I got started. I had it all done but one dining room chair. Carley and I left around noon to meet my mom and sister for lunch and than ran errands. When I came back, the dinning room chair had been moved back to where it belongs. It only made sense that Colton had moved that chair back for me. When I thanked him for taking care of moving the chair, he quickly told me he didn't move it back. Carley looked at me and said it wasn't her that moved the chair either. I knew it couldn't be her because she was with me. David was at work, so that only leaves one person left, Not Me.

Not Me, if you are reading this, I want to thank you for helping me out today. Don't ever give up on Not Me; one day he or she may just surprise you with some act of kindness. Maybe I can keep Not Me around for awhile. Maybe just one day this Not Me may visit you.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Could They Have Known?

I, along with most people my age, grew up on School House Rock. May times I passed my multiplication speed test singing the different multiplication songs. Who will ever forget what an interjection is due to School House Rock. There is the famous song with the words "I am a bill, sitting here on Capital Hill...." I was reminiscing with the help of YouTube when I cam across this little dity. We have to remember these cute little videos were made in the mid to late 70's. How did they know Washington would be a three ring circus, or has Washington always been a circus?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Have you ever heard of this game? This game is one silly simple game that is a lot of fun playing with friends. I am not sure how much fun it is playing a lone, but let me just show you a few pictures of friends and I playing the game. I have come to the conclusion I must not have much pride left in me after showing pictures of myself playing. The pictures are not flattering to this ego of mine. Oh, well here it goes.

The first picture isn't all that clear, but this one tells the story. We are playing a mini-game called the thinking game. What one has to do to win the mini-game is place the Wii controller to the temple of their head and begin to think. Here we are playing the thinking game. Don't we look silly! This is pitiful to say, but this is one of the very few games I won. I think David lost because he didn't put both hands to his temple like the rest of us.

We are playing a mini-game of balancing rotating plates on a stick. We control the plates and the rotating speed of our sticks by moving our Wii controller in a clockwise circle. Poor David wasn't able to balance many plates on his stick. Meanwhile, I was having a great time balancing plates with great acuracy. This is the only other game I won. Between David and the other two young whipper snapper players I did't have a chance at winning any other games.

I want to thank our friend Donna for hosting this great gathering of friends together in her home and for sending me the pictures to blog. Donna is not the typical single person. She took Carley and our friend's two children for the day to play Wii games. Later we all met at Donna's house for pizza and to play more Wii games. We are going to have to do this again soon. Until I blogg again, which will be soon. Have a happy day or evening if you are reading this at night.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Night with the Halls--January 1

There is no better way to begin a new year than to eat your first evening meal with good friends. The Halls invited us over to their home for some fantastic chicken and dumplings. I intended to take a picture before we dug the last drop out of the pan, but I was a little to late. Here is a great picture of what a small amount left in the pan looks like. I am telling you, this was the best chicken and dumplings I have had outside of what my mom makes.

Any of my Weight Watchers friends, please don't ask me the point value, I don't know.

After we ate, we went into their living room and opened some Christmas gifts. My pictures didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I am sure their daughter is quite happy about that. Later, Karen insisted on baking her famous cookies. Oh my word, can we say there is nothing Weight Watcher friendly about these cookies. All my WW friends, I haven't ate one of these sinful cookies yet. Noticed I said yet. Another friend of ours who love these cookies as much as I do told me to freeze them and I could have them later after I reach my goal weight. This should be enough to motivate me to get back on track and reach my goal weight.

On the pan ready to be baked.
Cookie ready to be eaten.

This is Davis, aka Dennis the Mennis, an inspiring artist. I took a picture of the last cookie on the cookie rack and caught Davis in the act of being Davis. He is a really great kid that has one HUGE imagination.

We had a wonderful time with our friends as we usually do. The Halls are never short of making people laugh with their hilarious stories of life. One goal this year is going to be spend more time with friends. Until I post again, enjoy life and laugh often.

Happy New Years plus 5 days!

Wow, I can't believe it is already 5 days in the new year and I haven't blogged yet. I can say we have been busy and I have been relaxing some. I think I am allowed to relax every now and then. At least three times a year. David tells me I am allotted one, maybe two, sick days a year so I can relax a few days a year too. I have been thinking about what goals I will have for 2009 and I have jotted down a few, but that is for my own personal growth, not for the world to see. This way if I fail at the goals, no one can come back and tell me.

An update on Flat Dawg Notes.

Flat Dawg Notes has added another band member, Vincent. Want to guess which one is he? Vincent is not always available for tour, so they just perform with out him.

Check out those fancy moves of the bass and electric guitar players. Don't you wish you could play like them?

What did you do for New Years? We went to a church wide celebration on a fellow members ranch. I think it was a ranch. There were cows, horses, and a few other farm animals that I could not tell what they were in the dark. There was more food there than anyone can imagine. I was beginning to wonder if they were feeding the US army and not just our little church. Carley tasted venison chili for the first time. Bless her heart, she had her hopes up that it would taste great. Even with all the salt and pepper she placed in her bowl of chili, it didn't help the taste of the chili.

The church praise band had set up and played many praise and worship songs. The Lloyds made this huge bon fire for us very cold nature people. On Christmas day the temperature was 70 degrees. New Years Eve night, 32 degrees. David and I stayed near the fire while Carley socialized with her friends. Some of you may be wondering where Colton was this evening. He stayed home due to having a bad day at work. While we were there, the lead guitar player asked Carley to play two songs while he played the acoustic guitar. This made Carley's night not to mention her mom and dad's night too. David and I managed to pry ourselves from the heat of the fire to see Carley play. She did an awesome job. David and I left, we decided we were too old and cold to be out in that kind of weather. Carley rang in the new year with friends from church, Colton stayed home, and David and I were sleeping as the clock struck midnight.

Hope you and your family had a safe and wonderful Happy New Year!